Welcome to Kwackd! My name is Jim Hamilton and I live in Lawrenceburg, TN. I'm a former software developer and paratransit supervisor. Now I'm retired, and I take pictures and travel.

Many months ago I started feeding the seven ducks and one goose at the boat dock in David Crockett State Park.

Five of the ducks are pretty tame, having been dropped there by humans. The other two are more wild, but I'm working on that. The goose is not part of a flock, he just hangs out with the ducks.

I've created this simple site to facilitate the feeding of my friends, when I cannot.


I feed them a mixture of wild bird seed from Tractor Supply, mixed with cracked corn from our local feed store. Three parts seed to one part corn. It's healthy for them, they love it, and I call it Quack Cocaine.

They eat from my hand, often frantically. I've also talked to the Park Rangers, and they approve.


I have several duck feeding videos taken with my DJI Pocket 2, sitting up on YouTube. Instead of embedding them here, I'll just present the links for you to explore, if you like.

Feeding Company  Madeline joined me for duck feeding duties this morning.

Noisy Park  There was a good sized flock of geese at the park today, while I fed my ducks.

More Feeding  Feeding my duck buddies some more.

Feedings  Calling for and feeding my ducks, then feeding myself to the Sunday buffet at Crockett's Mill in David Crockett State Park.

Duck Buds  Feeding my duck buddies once again.

My Buddies  Feeding my duck buddies at David Crockett State Park.

Geese Bullies  Tried to get my ducks in off the water for breakfast, but the flock of geese intimidated them.

Another Day  Calling the ducks in from across the lake.

Drive To Ducks  Driving in David Crockett State Park to feed the ducks.

Test  Testing internal popup.


They're usually hanging out around the boat ramp in the morning. They know my truck and come running to the curb, where I sit down. They like to be on eye level with me, standing doesn't work to well.

Sometimes they're on the other side of the main building by the benches.

If they are nowhere to be found, they're across the lake at the dam road. Whitey is a big white duck and I can spot him over there.

At this point I have two options. If the weather isn't terrible, I will call them over to the dock by making a quacking sound that they know, and they answer me back. It takes about ten minutes for them to swim across the lake to me.

The other option is to drive over to them, walk down the dam road and call them up. They walk right up the side of the earth dam and chow down. Yes, they are spoiled.

Click on either map image, to open a real map :-).


So, what have I done here? In one day I have created a new web site, devoted to my bird friends at the park.

They are my buddies and I have not missed a day feeding them since I started months ago.

I have a backup if I leave town. a young man I worked with last Summer, named Hudson. He's in High School so he would have to get up there early. Haven't used him yet...


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